Thanks for visiting my site! My name is Tyler, and I run BestTacticalFlashlightReviews.com.

Like many of you out there, I am always looking for cool new gadgets… and tactical flashlights somehow grabbed my attention in a big way! In the past, I’ve had numerous flashlights for emergency preparedness and general use but they were always cheap models that always broke or got lost. I can’t do anything about losing flashlights but when I got my first official tactical flashlight, it was like night and day! I was amazed at the quality of these flashlights which offered features not found in the “cheap” flashlights found at hardware or discount stores.

Now I don’t mean that tactical flashlights are expensive… in fact, they are often around the same price as the so called “cheap” flashlights I’ve been referring to. Sometimes they cost more but these will last you a lot longer and won’t break!

For emergency purposes, tactical flashlights are a necessity! I keep one in each of my vehicles and a couple in my emergency kit. Of course, I have to check the batteries every couple of months to make sure they’re ready to go when I need them the most!

I tell my friends that own firearms that tactical flashlights are perfect for mounting on the barrel for situations where a hands-free flashlight comes in handy! Some flashlights include weapon mounts and pressure switches.

For this website, I wanted to create a comprehensive resource for those interested in tactical flashlights. I also want this to be easy to use for novices. That’s why I’ve created several comparison charts which make it easy to look at features in a glance. When I started, there was just so much information online that I felt overwhelmed. I needed to quickly look at the features of the flashlights I was comparing.

One day, I found that I had quite a few notes on the subject of tactical flashlights so I decided to put them here on this site not only for my own reference, but so that others can also make use of my notes and maybe help in selecting one for themselves. I know I’ll never buy another cheap plastic flashlight again. I hope you feel the same way too!

Just so you know, I’m not an expert on tactical flashlights but I probably have more than average interest and information on them. That’s why I feel like I’ve provided a valuable resource based on the available information that is available online.

In short, I hope I can help you find the best tactical flashlight for you!