Streamlight 88031 Protac 2L Review

Streamlight 88031The Streamlight 88031 Protac 2L is a pretty bright flashlight. It has a nice solid feel to it but definitely feels a little cheaper than other tactical flashlights. One of the highlights of the 88031 is its switching system. You can easily switch between modes using a single push button located in the tailcap. Applying gentile pressure, gives you temporary on, push further to click and it will be constantly on. Accessing additional modes is simple. Just press one time for high beam. Press twice for strobe and then press three times for low beam.

The feel of the switch is sturdy although there’s a bit of travel before it catches the constant-on click. The strobe is a great addition to use as an emergency beacon if you’re lost in the woods or changing a tire on the freeway.

One of the major complaints with the 88031 is the point where the strobe is activated. For most logical people, it would normally be assumed that it would be the third click to activate the strobe feature, not in the middle of the high and low beam. Here’s a video that demonstrates the features of this flashlight.


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Bottom line is that this is a great little flashlight to put in the car or to use as a safety and back up light. It’s easy to carry and puts out lots of light. It’s also waterproof with a lifetime warranty. That means Streamlight will repair, replace or refund the purchase price at their option in case any Streamlight product fails as long as you own it. There are probably better flashlights but for everyday use, this one is a winner!

I found that this little flashlight can take a beating. I’ve dropped it several times on concrete floors and it continues to work to this day. I also used it camping and has occasionally slipped out into rivers and lakes without harm.


  • Price
  • Strong, well built
  • Bright
  • Great throw and flood capabilities


  • Pocket clip slips off too easily
  • Flashlight gets a little warm after prolonged use
  • Activating the modes can be a bit tricky especially when you switch from high to low beam – the strobe function gets in the way

Streamlight 88031 Protac 2L Tactical Flashlight with Holster

The Streamlight 88031 Protac 2L tactical flashlight comes with two CR123A lithium batteries and a nylon holster. Check current price.

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